L’esegesi biblica tramande che gli abitanti del Sennaar o Babilonia vollero costruire una città-torre «la cui cima raggiungesse il cielo» (cioè «altissima»), ma l’eterno volle punirne la hibris ovvero l’arroganza e, distruggendola, ne disperse i popoli sulla terra.

Da qui il crollo, il caos, la diaspora e la confusione delle lingue. Babele rappresenta  l’incapacità di comunicare tra essere umani che tutt’ora persiste.

L’opera auspica la capacità umana di ri-destarsi, saper vedere e sentire, in una parola comprendersi, senza barriere o confini.

Ogni uomo è un altro me stesso, qualunque linguaggio o dialetto egli parli.

According to biblical exegesis, the people of Sennaar or Babylon sought to construct a tower-city that reached to the heavens, displaying their extreme ambition. However, the “Eternal” sought to punish their hubris and arrogance by scattering them across the earth through the destruction of their tower. This led to collapse, chaos, diaspora, and the confusion of languages. Babel symbolizes the ongoing struggle of humans to effectively communicate with one another.

The artwork expresses a hope for humanity to rediscover the capacity to truly see, hear, and understand each other without barriers or limitations. It emphasizes the idea that every individual is a reflection of oneself, regardless of the language or dialect they speak.

Biblical exegesis narrates that the inhabitants of Sennaar or Babylon wanted to build a tower-city “whose top reached the sky” (i.e. “very high”), but the “Eternal” wanted to punish their hibris or arrogance and, by destroying it, scattered the peoples on the earth.

Hence the collapse, chaos, diaspora and confusion of languages. Babel represents the inability to communicate between human beings which still persists.

The work hopes for the human ability to re-awaken, to be able to see and hear, in a word, to understand oneself, without barriers or boundaries.

Every man is another me, whatever language or dialect he speaks.

“Babele” is a piece made of glass, measuring 234×40 cm, with a base and steel rod.

“babele”  è composta da vetro, misura cm. 234×40, con base e asta in acciaio.