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Mixing Glass by Silvio Vigliaturo at Casa MARTINI

Casa Martini, at Pessione_Chieri, hosts the Chieri-based artist and glassmaking master Silvio Vigliaturo, whose solo show entitled "Mixing Glass" is housed in the evocative setting of the corporate museums. 

The exhibition will be open to the public from 11 September to 20 October 2019.


The "Mixing Glass" project was developed in the framework of the XIII Master in Economics & Art and Cultural Heritage Management promoted by the Sole 24 Ore Business School with the design of an exhibition that could give space and enhance Silvio Vigliaturo’s artistic production. 

The chosen location is Casa Martini, which, together with the Museum of Winemaking History, represents the perfect setting to welcome and establish a dialogue with the works on display.

Actually, the museum tells the millenary bond between man and wine production and consumption, the most vivid symbol of conviviality and the pleasure of being together: the valuable collection includes some rare specimens of glass pieces dating from the Roman times.

It also displays some vestiges of Venetian manufactures, alongside Bohemian, French and German ones: they date from the Renaissance until the 19th century, offering a rich multi-coloured set of refined glass objects once used for serving and tasting wine.


The focus of the "Mixing Glass" exhibition is the theme of Mixture - perhaps the most significant and recurring element in the Vigliaturo’s production over the last ten years of his activity - tackled, in the first instance, on a technical level. The artist creates his majestic sculptures giving birth to a rich mixture of techniques and materials: glass, steel, gold and silver merge into a unique and immediately recognisable solution, which transforms masterly craftsmanship through a suggestive alchemical process. 

The large ovens in Vigliaturo’s workshop, located in front of the majestic Gothic Cathedral of Chieri, find their perfect metaphor in the Mixing Glass, the glass used for the preparation of cocktails, a container in which the ingredients, skilfully mixed, give birth to classic recipes or new experiments.

Each of the themes that give shape to the exhibition draws its theoretical foundation from Mixture.


Casa Martini will take part in the European Heritage Days 2019 with thematic events organised as part of the exhibition and in collaboration with the artist.





Casa MARTINI is located at Pessione di Chieri, a few km from Turin, a place where, still today, the same values that inspired Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi, the company’s founders, are alive. 

Conceived as a real house, made up of comfortable rooms and with a lively sense of hospitality, it was designed as an exceptional location for events tailored to every particular need. 

The Terrazza MARTINI is one of the largest and best-known communication and image initiatives of the last decades. 

Extraordinary success was soon met by this event, held by Martini & Rossi in the most prestigious headquarters of its companies: in the mid-sixties, there were as many as eight Terrazze in activity, the first of which was inaugurated in Paris in 1948, followed by Milan, Barcelona, Pessione, Brussels, Sao Paulo, London and Genoa. 

At Pessione, the Terrazza was born on the very site where in 1863 Alessandro Martini and 

Luigi Rossi gave birth to the famous aperitif, and precisely in the building where Luigi himself lived with his family.

Mixing Glass by Silvio Vigliaturo at Casa MARTINI
Location: Casa MARTINI
Curator: Anselmo Villata
Period: Septermber 11 - October 20, 2019
Timetable: Open evry day, from 10 am to 6 pm
Vernissage: Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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