Silvio Vigliaturo


Everything, in Silvio Vigliaturo's art, finds its source and nourishment in the sign. In it lies the origin of the creative process and the matrix that supports and guides it in all its stages and its subsequent manifestations. In the fierce originality of the artist, the sign has an exemplar and fulminant peremptoriness. The sign translates the artist's need to enclose the varied experiences of life in a visible and understandable perimeter that serves as a limit to a story or a parable. Because drawing is, above all, a narration, and through the long trained gesture that leads to the sign, Vigliaturo becomes the narrator whose voice and intentions are crystal clear, and despite the persistent presence of symbolism, he never succumbs to misunderstanding and ambiguity .

The story, concocted by the sign in its preliminary form, but already complete from the narrative point of view, is then translated into painting and deeply explored, creating works with a strong theatrical emphasis, true contemporary parables . The sign continues to be the real protagonist, never modified by the artist during the process of painting. To it he adds his trademark vibrant colors, which are also the guardians of other interventions that enhance the gestural painting and the narrative that it hosts, building a further thickness of vision. The sign, at this stage, reveals its rational part capable of coordinating the exuberance of colors, until the perfect balance between figuration and abstraction has been reached, creating images that do not belong to any history and any specific time, even if impregnated with memory, and finally becoming archetypes and myths which can weld together the ancient and the present.

The plasticity of Vigliaturo's sign finds its natural destination in sculpture, surprising for the infinite possibilities of three-dimensional translations emanating from it, supported by constant research and experimentation to which the artist submits its creative process . Steel, glass and ceramics are the different accents of an expressive language that is always recognizable, even unmistakable. His sculptures, figures of a timeless mythical narrative, contain and circumscribe life and all its experiences with the same characteristic sign that was first translated into painting, binding tight, to one another, the two forms of expression.

The advent of the glass, its rediscovery at the beginning of the nineties, only confirms, in addition to the artist's extraordinary intellectual and artistic curiosity, the urgency of a daily communion between planning and execution. The dimension of the art workshop, the Bottega, made of exchange and interaction, is the ideal setting to a slow and ancestral procedure that needs the essential contribution of many hands which can expertly translate the image of the artist in its totemic form. Vigliaturo plays the role of the master alchemist capable of transforming matter and tame the generating power of fire in his furnaces, creating smooth, supple and transparent sculptures, in which the masterful use of color finds its highest exaltation .

The monumental sculptures are the result of the artist's researches and experimentations with different materials. The use of steel as the backbone of glass or ceramic further celebrates the signic matrix of Vigliaturo's art, donating thickness to the sign and translating it into a palpable support of the colorful narratives. The works of Vigliaturo find their most congenial expression in their vertical development, a search of the heavens and the divine of ancient derivation which underlies all of the artist's sculptural work. In the large dimension the narrative, allusive and parabolic essence of Vigliaturo's art is even more noticeable. The monuments, multiplying the size of the sign and then the story that it translates symbolically, amplify and extend the reach of the message that they guard and explicit, making it universal.